5 killer reasons you MUST have videos on your landing pages

by Vikas P

Here is a smart move that is already paying dividends to many top ranking sites. It can also be one that will work for your visitors too – videos! Here is a closer look at why you should not ignore the magic that videos can do for your landing page.

1. More arresting content

In an age where content is available online and is dynamic, attention spans are reducing drastically. Internet users are constantly looking for vibrant and interesting packaging of content. The fact that YouTube is next only to Google in its use as a search engine is a case in point.

Videos have the power to intrigue and influence even the most casual and impatient of visitors. A well made visual piece also can lead the visitor from the doorstep further and deeper into the portal.

  2. Easier to consume

Show them what you have to tell them. Reading up on lines of written content can be challenging for a user these days. A thoughtfully made video can simplify and make interesting otherwise difficult to comprehend products and services. As product demos, recounting success stories and even inspiring users, there is nothing like a short, crisp visual to do its job.

3. The human touch

Seeing a well put together video clip featuring you and the brand’s ambassadors helps create a brand connect for users that plain written content just cannot. It also helps cement a trust factor between the brand and the customer. Your message gets through in a more humane way. This is particularly true of customer testimonials and brand stories, lending them more credibility and standing.

4. The virality edge

YouTube and other video friendly social media platforms see their visual content go beyond user consumption to being shared exponentially. It is seen that nothing gets as viral as videos. To spread your message likewise, a well made video can be your calling card and your mission statement rolled into one and being shared far and wide.

5.  More visits and conversions

Videos now rank high in search engine algorithms in their evaluation of the quality of site content. Staying longer on a page also helps with the time spent metric as also with reduction in bounce rates. Besides, a better connect and messaging also helps in effecting conversions.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be effective many times over. Having videos on your page seizes user attention and can help in conversions. With better search engine ranking, more user engagement and healthier click through rates as end results, videos on landing pages are a must do for any site and brand.

by Vikas P

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