5 Must-Know Apps for 2016

by Tobias Handke

Hundreds of new apps are released every month but it’s often hard to keep track of what’s coming out. To help, we’ve waded through the digital pool to bring you the greatest and latest new apps along with some of our favourite updated apps to make sure you are getting the best new technology available without wasting hours searching.


The brainchild of Vine creators Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov, Hype is the duo’s latest attempt at taking the online video world by storm again. Similar to video streaming app Periscope, Hype allows users to broadcast live interactive videos while simultaneously interacting with other followers. One of the big draw cards that sets this apart from other video streaming apps is the ability to broadcast previously recorded content while streaming live, with users being able to include everything thing from short clips previously filmed on their phone through to emojis and music while streaming.

Available: iOS (Android coming soon)

Cost: Free




If you have a passion for learning then the new iOS exclusive app CreativeLive is the perfect resource for you. Hosting a huge library of over 1,500 different high quality videos, CreativeLive offers important advice from over 600 experts in everything from photo and video tutorials to information on money and well being. You get one free class a day you can watch whenever you like, making this ideal for people constantly on the move who want to learn new skills.

Available: iOS

Cost: Free



For the creative’s out there who don’t work from an office and find themselves looking for the best free WiFi spots, Workfrom is the app for you. Catering to users in over 1,200 cities with information about locations provided by over 26,000 users,  the app is easy to navigate, with users able to search for locations via the apps map or list of locations provided. From coffee shops and bars to public libraries, Workfrom offers not only important information such as WiFi speeds and number of power outlets, but also details such as opening hours and whether food and drink is served, making it the ultimate tool to finding the ideal working environment for freelancers.

Available: iOS & Android

Cost: Free


Batman – The Telltale Series

There have been plenty of Batman games released over the years but none are as comprehensive or enthralling as Telltale Games latest take on the Caped Crusader. The studio behind games based on Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Minecraft have created an in-depth story that takes players on a journey through Gotham City and encounters with a cast of colourful characters. This is a must play for anyone who enjoys gaming on their phone, particular Batman fans.

Available: iOS & Android

Cost: $7.99


Playboy Magazine

Playboy Magazine has done away with the nudes and rebranded itself as a modern age men’s magazine focusing on interesting interviews and high quality journalism. This new era for the magazine coincides with the release of the magazine’s own app, a sleek and easy to digest online format of the physical copy you can read at your leisure via your mobile device. Users can purchase single issues or a 12-month subscription with the ability to cancel at anytime.

Available: iOS & Android

Cost: Single issue $5.99 / 12 month subscription $19.99


Images: iTunes App Store

by Tobias Handke

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