It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s pizza! Flirtey team up with Domino’s to launch world’s first pizza delivery drone

Flirtey DRU Drone delivers its first Domino's Pizza to excited customers in NZ (Image: Supplied)
by Emma Rapaport

Global pizza chain Domino’s has launched the world’s first drone delivery service, in partnership with Aussie startup Flirtey.

A peri-peri chicken and a chicken-cranberry pizza were flown by DRU drone to the excited customers in Whangaparaoa, 25km north of Auckland.

The drone was flown anonymously using GPS, passing over fields and homes, with a view of the ocean, before gently lowering the pizzas into the customers backyard.


In a statement, Domino’s Pizza Enterprise CEO Don Meij said that he was excited by the partnership, adding:

“Drones offer the promise of safer, faster deliveries to an expanded delivery area, meaning more customers can expect to receive a freshly-made order within our ultimate target of 10 minutes. This is the future.”

The DRU Drones will fly at speeds of 30km/h, and fly 60m in the air to avoid powerlines.

New Zealand flies first

New Zealand was chosen as the first launch site for the pizza-drone as its Civil Aviation Regulations allow for businesses to embrace drone technology as a method of door-to-door delivery.

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority has excluded aussie businesses from conducting similar drone-delivery trials, but in a statement on their Facebook page, Domino’s says that they’re currently “in discussion with various governments, and government agencies”.

“We hope to work closely with these government bodies so that we can deliver to Australian customers in the future”.

Drone technology made the news last month after a Victorian man faced a $9,000 fine for using a drone to pick up a Bunnings sausage.

Flirtey has also partnered with 7-Eleven in the USA, making its first home delivery in Nevada in July last year.

Domino's NZ MD Scott Bush with Domino's customers Emma and Johnny Norman and Flirtey NZ director Samantha Sharif. (Image: Supplied)

Domino’s NZ MD Scott Bush with Domino’s customers Emma and Johnny Norman and Flirtey NZ director Samantha Sharif. (Image: Supplied)

Domino’s go for growth

Over the past three years, the multibillion-dollar pizza giant has made radical, deep-seated changes to its business and market reach. In a recent talk at a Summit in Michigan, Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle described how he’d grown the company stock price from $8.76USD per share, to $160USD per share, through innovation and by embracing new technology.

“We are as much a tech company as we are a pizza company”, he told the audience.

Technology has not only changed the way that Domino’s delivers pizza, but the way that customers order through the Domino’s Pizza app, or even by texting an emoji.

Domino’s hopes to make flying food deliveries widely available in Australia early next year, as well as rolling out the service in six other countries, including Japan, Germany and France.

by Emma Rapaport

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